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Like a digital scrapbook for Kris Letang, only better .

Started as a place for two Kris Letang fans to memorialize a bit of silliness. Now we just post what we find. Pretty much like we would be doing for each other anyway, and share it with anybody who wants to see.

This page is for those who love Kris Letang and his amazing awesomeness. It’s for those that want to share their reasons as to why he rocks so hardcore. Or, it’s for those that just think that we’re funny because we crack ourselves up.

Shana Kyler: the one that knows how to do stuff in Photoshop and other technical logical mysteries. She’s got a great bawdy sense of humor, and frankly, is really the FUN one.
Barb Weiss: the one who takes way too many bad pictures at games and practices. She tries to be nice, but sarcasm somehow always leaks through.

Of course everything on this page is not fact, but hey, if Chuck Norris can do it, so CAN Kris, and Chuck Norris or Gary Roberts ain’t shit compared to Kris Letang.

We just ask that everybody play nice (we will try to) and keep the drama out. It’s all in fun ‘round here.

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13 May 11

YAY.. Thanks to Laurie we now have the 08-09 IPH with Kris and Phillipe Boucher in it’s entirety … :D

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